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PRESs For Mia and Jonah's 
"Spin As One"
Their personal romantic chemistry shone through in the dreamy sway of their harmonies, which render them a contemporary male-female version of Simon & Garfunkel, albeit with extra raw edges. Jonah captivates with his bluesy rock guitar licks and his colorful harmonica playing, but what helps the duo stand apart (way apart) is the trippy, ear-bending sound of Mia’s singing handsaw. The songs she colors with that vibe makes it feel like there are angels (or ghosts, or perhaps an eerie mixture) attending on high (or even closer) as the duo breezes along and dares us to go along for the ride. - Music Connnection Magazine/ Live Review (Molly Malones/ September 21, 2018)
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An expansive journey through the hallowed halls of Americana, folk, country and rock. - New Releases Now
...the dreamy gossamer flow of their harmonies, which render them like a contemporary male-female version of Simon & Garfunkel... a truly transcendent experience.- THE JW VIBE
We all have our struggles, but to hear others struggles documented so beautifully and so heart rendering as they often are when set to music, the healing seems to come that much quicker, and with so much more of a grace than can be provided by chemical alterations...  I was reminded of this healing power as I listened intently to Spin as One, the gorgeously melodic fourth album by the Los Angeles based folk duo, Mia & Jonah... Spin as One will move you in ways that only the best music can. -Divide and Conquer
Spin as One (the title track of their upcoming album) by Mia and Jonah is Americana folk rock drenched with the kind of self assured awareness that comes with knowing each others voices and aesthetic like knowing themselves.  - American Pancake
...a confident and compelling listen. - Americana UK
Mia and Jonah seamlessly trade harmonies; individually, Jonah plays guitar, dobro, mandolin, and cello, while Mia elicits beguiling sounds from a hand saw. - Blog Critics
...beautiful vocals and gorgeous arrangements designed to connect to something deep within us all, and to connect us to each other - Michael Doherty's Music Log
The music swirls around the vocals of Mia and Jonah on the title track while Spin as One follows the psychedelic sound of “Nightingale”, strums slow Country Folk for the tale of “Our Old Farm”, ushers in “Daybreak” on the soft rattle of percussion, and fleshes out “Sugarbones” on revolving waves of rhythm. -The Alternate Route Magazine
"Both personally and collectively, I really need this song (Spin as One) in my life right now, and that’s before even mentioning how beautiful it is instrumentally. The strings in particular are just incredibly arranged over flawless harmonies from both Mia and Jonah, and trust me, the whole EP is just as good as this song." - The B-side Guys
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